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The law firm of Devika E. Davis, P.C. serves clients throughout Central Virginia including Richmond and Henrico. As a passionate advocate for justice, the firm’s principal attorney, Devika E. Davis, has earned her reputation as a Virginia lawyer who leaves nothing to chance and never gives up on her clients. She brings a wealth of legal experience and skills to her family, criminal, and personal injury cases and works relentlessly to help her clients with their situations. She has established an outstanding reputation as a trusted attorney who approaches each case with the dedication and tenacity that yields results.


After obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree from Radford University, Ms. Davis began her legal studies at American University’s Washington College of Law. In law school, she began practicing law as a student attorney with the Civil Practice Clinic, representing indigent clients seeking bankruptcy, disability benefits, and child custody.


Upon graduating from law school in 2005, she accepted a prestigious law clerkship from the Criminal Division of Richmond Circuit Court. As a law clerk, she immersed herself thoroughly in Virginia criminal jurisprudence, learning the intricacies of Virginia law and how judges apply the Commonwealth’s laws in cases involving those accused of crimes. She learned to see each case from the judge’s point of view and witnessed, firsthand, the dramatic advantages that a dedicated, professional, and passionate attorney provides her clients.


After completing her clerkship, Ms. Davis joined the Office of the Public Defender for the City of Richmond. As an Assistant Public Defender, with her extensive knowledge of Virginia criminal law and procedure, she quickly obtained the Virginia Indigent Defense Commission’s certification to handle felonies and misdemeanors as a court-appointed attorney.


In 2007, Ms. Davis became the managing partner of the law firm, Abato & Davis, P.C. For over four years with that firm, she handled a wide range of criminal and civil matters in both General District Court and various Virginia circuit courts on matters ranging from DUI and homicide to personal injury and family law cases.


As a Richmond and Henrico criminal defense attorney with Abato & Davis, P.C., Ms. Davis investigated her cases thoroughly and identified facts that led to viable defense strategies. With diligence, creativity, passion, and personalized attention, she defended each client, combining her exhaustive factual development, extensive knowledge of Virginia law, and her advocacy and negotiation skills to ensure the best possible result in each case.  


As she did for her clients in the criminal justice system, Ms. Davis brought to her personal injury and family clients the same tenacity, skills, knowledge, and desire to win, fighting for those whose lives had suddenly changed due to someone else’s negligence and for clients seeking child custody and child support. She used her wide-ranging knowledge and skills to ensure that her clients had their medical bills covered, damages repaired, child support payments made on time, and the opportunity to raise their children in safe and healthy environments.


In addition to her work with the firm’s clients, Ms. Davis initiated and carried out pro bono and community service efforts for the firm. In 2011, she became a staff attorney with the Richmond Adult Drug Treatment Court, a position that allows her to help those in the criminal justice system who need assistance with drug dependency. Almost one-third of convicted felons in Virginia are drug offenders. Half of convicted felons in Virginia have abused drugs at some point in their lives. And fully two-thirds of those on probation use drugs. Ms. Davis continues to work with this program because she believes she can help make a difference in the lives of these people in need.


Ms. Davis also makes a difference in the Virginia State Bar, which ensures that Virginia attorneys meet essential standards and conduct their practices ethically. She has been a member of the Virginia State Bar Third District Disciplinary Committee since 2012 and, in 2013, served as that committee’s Chair. Her commitment to the ethical practice of law is one of the driving forces behind her relentless efforts on behalf of her clients.


In 2012, Ms. Davis formed her own law firm where she continues to provide her clients with thorough preparation, passionate advocacy, and professional representation. From those accused of crimes to those who have suffered terrible injuries because of another’s negligence, Ms. Davis has earned the trust of her clients by providing the dedicated personalized representation they need.


As effective as she is as a lawyer, Ms. Davis also considers herself to be an avid student of the law.  Laws change and representing clients diligently is an ongoing challenge requiring constant research. Ms. Davis works closely with other prominent and seasoned lawyers to explore new legal theories and share strategic ideas. This ensures that she remains current in the law, adopts innovative approaches to her cases, and stays a step ahead of her opponents.


In 2014, Ms. Davis founded the Shockoe Law Center, a network of experienced criminal lawyers who confer regularly and share resources and ideas to provide optimum results for their clients. This professional collaboration ensures legal representation of the highest caliber.

The Shockoe Law Center is staffed to provide a full array of criminal defense services from

trial through appeal.    


As an attorney, Ms. Davis represents both civil and criminal clients. She appears in court regularly and works closely with law enforcement and court personnel to represent her

clients as a strong advocate. She leaves nothing to chance in fighting for her clients’ rights

and interests.


Ms. Davis believes her clients deserve not only the best possible legal representation but as much peace of mind as she can deliver. Her representation goes well beyond handling the factual and legal aspects of a case. She is a counselor, confidante, and sympathetic ear. She knows her clients are going through difficult times and seeks to do everything she can to help them navigate the unfamiliar and daunting legal system as smoothly as possible.


At the outset, Ms. Davis explains the process thoroughly so her clients know what to expect.

Her office is also fully staffed with experienced paralegals who work closely with those she represents to make sure their needs are being met. She maintains regular and timely contact with her clients and keeps them up to date with developments as they occur. At her law firm, clients can feel confident that their questions will be answered and their concerns will be addressed quickly and accurately. They can count on Ms. Davis to represent them with the intense advocacy, thoroughness, skill, and personal attention they deserve.

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