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The law firm of Devika E. Davis, P.C. offers outstanding legal representation in Central Virginia, including Richmond and Henrico. From criminal defense and traffic cases to personal injury and family law cases, Devika E. Davis, the firm’s principal attorney, represents her clients passionately and professionally. Known for her dedication and thorough preparation, Ms. Davis earns the trust of each client by providing quality legal representation designed for

each situation.


As a law clerk, Ms. Davis learned the workings of Virginia’s courts from the inside. Since then, with almost a decade as a trial lawyer, she has established a strong reputation within the legal community as a dedicated attorney who relentlessly pursues leads, works exceptionally hard, and helps those she represents in tangible ways while treating them with dignity and respect. She takes great pride in the fact that she has made a real difference in her clients’ lives


Ms. Davis not only represents her clients in the legal aspects of their cases but helps them

deal with the stresses that accompany legal entanglements. She brings to each case her unique combination of honesty, dedication, thorough case preparation, outstanding professionalism, intense involvement, and compassionate understanding. She works tirelessly to help her clients resolve their legal issues so they can get the best possible results and get

on with their lives.


Ms. Davis offers a free initial consultation. During this meeting, you will have the chance to explain your situation to her. She will listen to you and ask questions so she can learn as much as she can about your case. She may ask for documents, names of witnesses, or other items that may help her prepare your case. The more she knows about your situation, the more readily she will be able to develop an individualized strategy for handling your case so as to improve your likelihood of success.  


During the initial consultation and throughout her representation, Ms. Davis will actively listen to you and use the information you provide effectively. She knows that clients often leave out details which, to someone untrained in legal matters, may seem unimportant. Some of these small details can be critical to a legal case, so she listens for subtle pauses, information gaps, timeline conflicts, and other clues. By detecting these nuances in facts and situations that others might miss, she can focus on these areas and narrow her questions to ensure that all details are clear and there are no gaps in information. This is one of the major first steps toward thorough preparation.


Ms. Davis uses the same skills when examining witnesses. She knows how to ‘hear between the lines.’ When a witness responds to her questions, she watches and listens for those subtle clues that suggest the answers are less than forthcoming. She also listens for conflicting facts relating to timelines, locations of objects or people, and other important information. She follows up with more specific questioning, forcing the witnesses to answer the exact questions she asks. Attention to detail like this can make a huge difference to the outcome of her

client’s case.


Ms. Davis pursues her investigations and research relentlessly. From comprehensive discovery to nuances in legal principles, she will exhaust all reasonable avenues of investigation to prepare as ironclad a case as possible. When she walks into a negotiation or into the courtroom, she has a full command of the facts, law, and potential risks and has prepared her client accordingly.


In representing her clients, Ms. Davis uses a wide range of critical legal skills including innovative approaches to her cases, thorough preparation, tough negotiation, and strong courtroom skills. She represents her clients with the passion, professionalism, and prepared competence they deserve. And she and her staff are there for her clients throughout the process, keeping them up to date on their cases and ready to answer any questions they

may have.


Ms. Davis’ extensive time in Richmond and Henrico courts has familiarized her with the judges and prosecutors so she knows how they handle their cases. Negotiation is a critical aspect of legal representation and she finds it particularly helpful to know which opposing counsel will be willing to be flexible and which ones are less inclined to negotiate. This is true whether the case is a criminal matter, a family case, or a civil action. It is also helpful to know whether a presiding judge is likely to accept a particular plea deal, personal injury settlement, or other negotiated solution. This helps her clients both procedurally and substantively because she can prepare with this information in mind.


An essential aspect of every case is risk. Ms. Davis is concerned about the risks her clients

face. A client charged with a crime has his or her freedom at stake as well as the ability to

earn a living, take care of a family, and simply perform the everyday tasks we all take for granted. On the civil side, her clients may face financial gain or loss, or the custody and

safety of a loved child.


Although no case is risk-free, thorough preparation helps reduce the risks inherent in the adversarial process. The attorney who fails to prepare fully has opened the door to the unknown and that means more risk. Because Ms. Davis prepares each case so thoroughly,

an opposing counsel who is less conscientious in preparing the other side of the case gives her clients additional advantages. Ms. Davis believes she owes it to each client to prepare with the highest level of diligence so as to minimize risks while maximizing the potential for reward.


Being involved in the legal system can be daunting. Ms. Davis believes her clients deserve passionate and competent legal representation and should be treated with compassion, understanding, and dignity. She will help you through the legal process and help you deal with the impacts that process has on your life.  

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If you need an attorney in the Central Virginia area, including Richmond and Henrico, you can count on Ms. Davis to provide full-service legal representation.  She will start by providing an honest assessment of your situation. She will craft a personalized strategy designed to position you for the best possible outcome. She will keep you informed about your case with regular updates, answer your questions, and address your concerns. She will represent you with passion, expertise, perseverance, and compassion.  If you want an attorney who will fight for you and make your best interests the highest priority, call Devika E. Davis for a free consultation at (804) 780-3080. Call us if you have an emergency after hours (804) 252-7419.

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